Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Some Potentially Overlooked Good Children's/Young Adult Fiction Reads

OK, So I haven't made good on my promise to create our own "Top 100 Children's Books" list yet , but We'll be working on it. In the meantime, in honor of "Works For Me Wednesday", here are some books that I pulled out from the library bookshelves for RJP to read in the past few months , that subsequently received good reviews from her...(Although they aren't written for the most part... sorry)
Project Mulberry  Time Cat: The Remarkable Journeys of Jason and Gareth  Kildee House (The Newbery Honor Roll) Love from Your Friend, Hannah  Miss Pickerell Goes to Mars  Swallows and Amazons (Godine Storyteller)Christopher Mouse: The Tale of a Small Traveler [CHRISTOPHER MOUSE -OS]Christopher Mouse, the Tale of a Small Traveler by William Wise  ~  The story of a mouse who begins his life in the home of a woman who breeds mice for scientific research and pet stores. His adventures range from a pet store to being a pet to running loose at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This is probably a great read-aloud for boys or girls aged 7 and on up to "Filler" for your pre-teen/voracious reading teen.

Hope these work  for you this Wednesday, to give you some new ideas for good wholesome  tween/teen reading... I'll add more as I get to it~


Note: I used affiliate Amazon images because it was super easy to add the books this way. I appreciate any purchases made through the links, but please note that at least one of the books is not available for purchase... Check out your public LIBRARY! :)


'Becca said...

I read Miss Pickerell Goes to Mars when I was a kid! I liked the way being an ordinary practical lady equipped her for adventures; for instance, she happened to have a hammer in her apron pocket.

Thanks for the recommendations! Here are some of our favorite kids' chapter books.

purple squirrel said...

Becca~ Thanks for the comment~
You had a few books I didn't recognize on your list... Lester del Ray (my daughter is only newly into semi-science fiction, so that might explain it...) and the Ruth Chew books (Which she would have objected to until recently, based on the magic). We'll have to see if we can find any of them at our library.