Wednesday, November 17, 2010

GratiTuesday~ Kids, Savings, and a Book

Oh dear, I am a day late AGAIN!!! But here is my list  for this week! 

  1.  Little boys who say "Thank You!" with great feeling, for even the smallest actions(like covering their chilly toes with a blanket while mostly asleep)
  2. Young ladies who ENJOY peeling potatoes! 
  3. CVS' "Extra Care", and Rite Aid's "Wellness" programs, which help save $ on regular purchases, especially when combined with coupons. 
  4. Tying in with the previous item... sites like which let me sort the sales at drugstores and even some grocery stores by percent saved.... makes it easier to make a "smart" purchase. :) 
  5. Challenging and eye-opening books like Safely Home
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