Monday, November 15, 2010

2+2=$10???? (TOS Subscription Special)

Um.... 2+2=10???? Well, it does if you are interested in a subscription to the  Old Schoolhouse Magazine, and are quick about it! ;) Click on the banner above to go right to the TOS site right away, or continue reading to get the details. The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is one of my favorite sources of encouragement~ Articles include the practical ( Ruth Beechick),  the Spiritual (The "Chapel" column), and a variety of different topics in each quarterly magazine. I kind of consider this magazine my answer to the public schools' "Teacher Training" days, and a "Teachers' Lounge".

Here are the details~

On Monday, November 15, the price for a one-year U.S. or Canadian print subscription to
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine® Magazine is $10.

On Tuesday, November 16, the price goes to $12.

On Wednesday, November 17, the price is $14.

Each day we add $2 until Saturday and Sunday, when the price is $20. At midnight PST on Sunday, November 21, the price goes back to its regular level.

Plus, every 12th customer to purchase a subscription gets a tote bag. (These are really nice! I like the ones I own!)
Every 14th customer to purchase a subscription gets a copy of the E-Book: The 2010-2011 Schoolhouse Planner.

Every 16th customer to purchase a subscription gets a $25 gift card to the Totally TOS category in the Schoolhouse Store. This excludes Molly Green and Download N Go™.

As an added bonus, the highest ticket of the day on Monday, November 15 through Wednesday, November 17, will win a $200 gift card to the Schoolhouse Store. This can be used for any company in the Store,except Download N Go™.

So, put 2 and 2 together and shop early! The earlier you grab your one-year new or renewing
subscription, the better the price you'll pay. Plus, you could receive one of the bonus gifts. Or, you might be the highest ticket of the day! Click on the banner below to get started!
Put 2 and 2 together and save up to 60% on a one-year sub

If you are eligible for a bonus gift, you will receive an email from a member of the Schoolhouse Store team.


*Note~ My "Extra-curricular Activities  budget" that pays for Irish Step Dance and Sports Activities appreciates your purchase through my affiliate links.