Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Random thoughts on the collapse of Rome

**Diocletian's Rome ~ *Modern US ~ Parallels
When will we learn from HISTORY?????

**Colosseum *Sports/entertainment arenas (This one has been building for MANY years...)

**Diocletian Fixed prices/salaries *Obama's Capping Salaries/ fixing Prices


**Inflation/Collapse of the economy *Inflation/ Collapse of the economy(?)

**In an attempt to reduce the chances of internal disorder, Diocletian demanded that his subjects worship him *Current President's discontent/ridicule with those who disagree with him/ Press' adoration is close to worship....

**In yet another attempt to unify the empire, Diocletian began to issue widespread restrictive laws on Christians *Current legislation attempts to vilify and criminalize Christian beliefs and morals (sanctity of life/"Thought crimes")

Diocletians rule perhaps best marks the end of the Roman Empire.
Facts on Diocletian taken from Here

The American Public should WAKE UP!!! Apathay should be a crime, lest History repeat itself AGAIN!

Monday, October 19, 2009

UHU Glues... a belated review!

We have had a free sample of UHU Twist and Glue for some months, and have been using it, but I finally got my camera working, and pictures uploaded. This is a sample of the cards that my daughter has been making for her etsy shop, Penney For Your Thoughts.

We decided that the Twist and Glue works really well for paper piecing and card stock, not as well for felt pieces, or for gluing large areas of regular paper (Tended to wrinkle....). We especially like the small tip for getting "Just the right amount" of glue on some of those tiny bits of paper! And..... when you get just a little too much on, it washes off very nicely, even on these nice cards! EXCELLENT!

All-Purpose Twist & Glue All-Purpose Twist & Glue
$3.95 for this bottle, and it is still going strong...
Enjoy! :)

Menu Monday~ Fall!

I'm trying to get back into menu planning, now that the school/fall schedule is back into full swing. We have too many nights that are "out" nights, so I can use the help to plan ahead!

Monday~ Chicken/vegetable chowder with easy cheesy scones
Modified from the above recipes
Tuesday~ Pasta with Al Fresco Sausage and Salad (And crockpot yogurt for breakfasts)
Wednesday~ Shepherd's Pie(?) or "Stuffed Meatloaf" (Potato filled meatloaf.. YUM!)
Thursday~ Indian-style chicken in the crockpot (I hope~ Utilizing some of that crockpot yogurt!)
Friday~ Sandwich Night~ racing from Oireachtas practice to AWANA

So there you have it... I am hoping to actually make the Tandoori Chicken, since I've "planned" to at least 2 times and haven't gotten to it... we shall see~ At least the chicken is paid for (That's part of the problem... it's in the freezer and needs defrosting.... )

Check out all the other Menu plans for this week at Organizing Junkie at get inspired to make some food and save some change!