Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Random thoughts on the collapse of Rome

**Diocletian's Rome ~ *Modern US ~ Parallels
When will we learn from HISTORY?????

**Colosseum *Sports/entertainment arenas (This one has been building for MANY years...)

**Diocletian Fixed prices/salaries *Obama's Capping Salaries/ fixing Prices


**Inflation/Collapse of the economy *Inflation/ Collapse of the economy(?)

**In an attempt to reduce the chances of internal disorder, Diocletian demanded that his subjects worship him *Current President's discontent/ridicule with those who disagree with him/ Press' adoration is close to worship....

**In yet another attempt to unify the empire, Diocletian began to issue widespread restrictive laws on Christians *Current legislation attempts to vilify and criminalize Christian beliefs and morals (sanctity of life/"Thought crimes")

Diocletians rule perhaps best marks the end of the Roman Empire.
Facts on Diocletian taken from Here

The American Public should WAKE UP!!! Apathay should be a crime, lest History repeat itself AGAIN!