Tuesday, January 19, 2010

“Strong and Happy” Drawing Contest Entry

5Minutesformom is sponsoring a drawing contest in conjunction with Yoplait Yogurt:

Since Yoplait Kids is a tasty yogurt snack with 25% less sugar and calcium and Vitamin D in every serving – have your little ones draw a picture showing themselves as the happy and strong kids that Yoplait Kids can help them become!

We are sponsoring the “Strong and Happy” Drawing Contest, and offering an exciting prize courtesy of Yoplait Kids for our winning artwork: $1,000 to use towards classes (including sports) and/or education material for the child(ren).

We will also award a prize to our second place drawing: $300.00 to use toward classes (including sports) and/or educational material for the child(ren).

In our household, we know that yogurt not only helps your bones to be strong and healthy (Very important for skateboarders and Irish stepdancers and baseball players!), but is also very important for keeping your immune system strong, and for putting the GOOD bacteria back in when you have to take antibiotics. Middle child/skateboarder boy has had 6 bouts with tonsillitis since June 2009, with accompanying antibiotics... YUCK! Lots of yogurt by the cupful, and in smoothies, to help keep him strong and happy inbetween....He is currently recovering from a tonsillectomy, and yogurt is playing a huge part in his diet right now(to replace that good bacteria AND because it goes down EASY!)

So, now that you have way more information than you might have needed~ on to the contest :)

There was no mention of an age bracket, so my 12 year old who would like to help pay for her Irish Step-dancing classes~ which help to make her both strong(She has MUSCLES in her calves!) and happy(This IS her favorite thing to do....) would like to enter her drawing of healthy happy children making a snowman.

Hope you like it!

building a snowmanfit