Monday, October 19, 2009

UHU Glues... a belated review!

We have had a free sample of UHU Twist and Glue for some months, and have been using it, but I finally got my camera working, and pictures uploaded. This is a sample of the cards that my daughter has been making for her etsy shop, Penney For Your Thoughts.

We decided that the Twist and Glue works really well for paper piecing and card stock, not as well for felt pieces, or for gluing large areas of regular paper (Tended to wrinkle....). We especially like the small tip for getting "Just the right amount" of glue on some of those tiny bits of paper! And..... when you get just a little too much on, it washes off very nicely, even on these nice cards! EXCELLENT!

All-Purpose Twist & Glue All-Purpose Twist & Glue
$3.95 for this bottle, and it is still going strong...
Enjoy! :)