Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gratituesday~ Because they are new every morning....

Hey~ This is a new (To me) meme that I thought I might try to take part in on a regular basis... after all, nothing grows a spirit of contentment and peace more than an attitude of gratitude, right?

So~ Today, I am grateful for many things~ I'll limit myself to 5 per post, some mundane, and some less, so that I actually get the post published! :D
  1. My children~ who while they occasionally drive me nuts, more regularly amaze me with their words and behavior~ I DO love my kids, but I also LIKE my kids! 
  2. My husband~ who is so thoughtful and caring~ who willingly does the dishes every night, and spends time with his kids~ (He likes them too! :) )
  3. For the amazing palette of color that God uses on His creation every Autumn.... from the leaves to the surprise late flowers to the apples of many hues~ often with a brilliant background of bright blue sky~ He is definitely an Artist, who caters to our souls just because He loves us. (No other reason for all that color, right? )
  4. I am grateful for a house with a heating system that works when the chilly breezes blow.
  5. I am grateful for the ability to put tasty, nutritious food on the table to keep my family fed and healthy. 
So, there you go~ 5 reasons to be grateful this Tuesday~ If you'd like to be inspired by other's please visit Gratituesday.