Monday, July 12, 2010

Menu Monday~ Pizza, Quiche with Rice crust, Popcorn Chicken (links)u let's see what we're going to think about eating this week~

Monday~ Salad and Pizza (Using leftover crust I made on Saturday, topped with onions and zucchini)
Tuesday~ Quiche with a rice crust ~I made something along these lines a couple of weeks ago, but with different "fillings', and it was YUMMY! I used advice on this website for cooking the rice a little more quickly that the typical 50 minutes.
Wednesday~ Didn't get to this one the last time, so I think I'll plan for it again! Popcorn Chicken
Thursday~ Pork Tenderloin and rice
Friday~ Taco "Something"... either "traveling" or pasta, we'll see what we feel like.

We've been enjoying fresh cherries, watermelon, and some delicious plums that my daughter and I have dubbed Plumbanapples because they have flavors reminiscent of those three fruits~ And Youngest son has declared a need for carrots by his continual snacking on them! :) (Not a bad thing)

Be sure to check out Organizing Junkie for hundreds of other families' menu plans for this week if you are looking for some inspiration. :)



Moderate Means said...

I wish I could find plumbanapples - that's a fabulous flavor combo!