Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Making the internet "work" for you

Hey, I figured I ought to send out a post about some of the money-saving aspects of the internet that I have benefited from. Some of these programs DO have referral benefits(Signified with a **) , so if you haven't signed up, I'd really appreciate it if you used my referral links. Others are just great ideas~ So, here goes:

Earn Cash back for purchases through Ebates**~ This is one that I sometimes forget to check out, but I'm almost always glad when I DO remember. (Then there are the days like today, where I ordered directly from Snapfish with one of their "Deals", but would have payed the same price going through Ebates, PLUS I would have gotten 7.5% cash back),
2.5% "Rewards" for shopping with my American Express Card. I love using this, because I can (And have, many times), cash in the precentages earned for Home Depot Gift Cards (Usually in $50 denominations) If your Credit Card Company offers a rewards program, I recommend joining it!

Which leads me to my Bank's Debit Card. I haven't figured out yet if there is a detriment to me in this, but my Bank offers a similar program to the American Express Rewards program, when I remember to use my Debit card as a Credit Card... Cash Back/Points accumulated. I haven't been doing it very long, and don't always remember, but I figure if I can get a little bit back, it is a good thing.

OK, I have to mention Swagbucks** now. You can see my thoughts over on the right-hand sidebar. I recently updated and mentioned that I cashed in a bunch of points for a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate. That money was all earned just by using Swagbucks as my search engine. Since I typically do a fair amount of searching, this is a nice way to help pay for all that time spent in front of the 'puter! :)

Another "Shopping Portal" is MyPoints**, but I tend to do less shopping there(Unless there is a store that Ebates doesn't partner with), but I do accumulate points by clicking through emails. I don't waste a lot of time on it, but when I see an interesting offer, I definitely click through, and eventually I get enough points to cash in for decent Gift Cards. (There is a way to refer freinds and get a little credit, but I think it involves email addresses, rather than just clicking links~ If you're interested let me know, otherwise, just check it out anyway!)

A couple of other sites that are very helpful (And FREE to sign up ) BEFORE I go shopping at the Brick and Mortar Stores are:
  • Couponmom which lets you see the current weeks deals combining coupons from the Sunday Paper inserts with the sales at grocery stores as well as the big chain drug stores. I really enjoy sorting by percent saved, and trying to keep my purchases above the 50% saved mark. (And yes, I do some couponing... because toothpaste and toothbrushes, floss, and the occasional paper product, dishwashing liquid are included in the coupon deals, not just the processed junk that I don't tend to buy... ;) )    
  • MyGrocerydeals ~ This site is only for grocery stores, and doesn't offer any coupon information, but if you're trying to figure out which store has the best deal on a certain GROCERY item, this is a great place to check out. They unfortunately don't carry our local frugal store, Market Basket, but it makes it the only flyer that I have to look when comparing the prices of the other stores online... GREAT!
Oh, and lest I forget here are a few more sites to check out before shopping ANYWHERE, online OR B&M
  • Retailmenot(The most reliable source for searching coupon codes that I've found)
  • Fishing For Deals(I've found some good deals in the "Catch of the Day" forum)
  • Hot Coupon World (one more grocery/coupon site that I use on a semi regular basis.
Well, I hope this helps you take advantage of some of the money-saving capabilities of the 'net.
This Works for me! For more great ideas, both frugal and otherwise, check out more posts at Works For Me Wednesday.



Moderate Means said...

I had no idea I could do referrals with Ebates! Thanks for the heads up! I was pricing something today and found a 5% rebate through them - would have put $5.00 back in my pocket :)

I'll have to check out the grocery store link because I'm wondering who has the best price on a particular dishwasher detergent. Thanks for the source!