Saturday, March 13, 2010

Random ramblings....

Poor JDP1~ He's sick again.. tonsils are gone, but now he has an eye infection ~ always seems to happen around birthdays~ {sigh} (I think we need to teach him to blow his nose better.... he's always "Stuffed up".) :\

School has been interesting this year again, due to the TOS Crew reviews that I've been doing.... a little eclectic, and some of the things that I love and WANT to do have been taking a bit of a back seat these past two years, but that will change next year~ a "normal" schedule, and we'll be able to REALLY take advantage of those TOS Crew products that we have loved, but had to set aside for ongoing reviews, as well as our beloved FIAR.... maybe even more art and science~ I'm looking forward to it!

R is dancing like crazy~ I hear feet thumping and clicking all over the house. When you're on the floor below, it sounds like elephants~ hard to believe that on the same floor it's actually graceful! :) She thrives on competition, which I * think* is a good thing... (??) , and she only has one more dance to place 1st in before she is prizewinner the whole way across~ COOL! :) (I don't mind if she takes her time a little, though.. Irish Dance is expensive! (The dresses are crazy $$, and I don't know how we're going to afford the next one... more $ than my own wedding dress! And we're doing this why? .... Oh yeah, because she loves it! :) )

Baseball tryouts in two weeks for JDP1~ glad he's sick this week and not then... (Although there were tryouts this week as well..)

JDP2 is cracking us all up these days
.... collecting books before following his brother down the hall~ hears the door shut~ and shouts "knock! knock! J! What you doin'? " ;)
....waiting for Curious George to come on TV (R says~"It will be on in an hour, J") his reply? "Tick, Tock! It's Curious George time!" ... love his use of onomatopoeia! :)

DH is off today~ Going to play some drums on a few songs for his brother~ I don't like Saturdays without him! :( At least we'll have him all day tomorrow. :)

OK~ So now, I should go figure out what to do on this gray Saturday~ maybe something creative! :) If so, I'll post about it here. :)