Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Online Homeschool Convention~

The Schoolhouse Expo
Hey, friends~ here's something new to check out. I've heard about a few of the online homeschool conventions, but I haven't been certain how they work. Well, thanks to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, and as part of the TOS Crew, I have been given the opportunity to check out their "Schoolhouse Expo" that will be happening online in May, in exchange for letting you all know about it. I wanted to be sure to let you know about it early, tho', because they are offering a discounted rate, and other bonuses to early registrations (See below....)

In addition, there are a number of other things happening at The Old Schoolhouse~

Right now March Madness and Win Big are going on in the Schoolhouse Store. During March Madness, over 240 items are 10 to 40 percent off! Click here

Then, if you're customer 139,000, 139,500, or 140,000, you will win over $348 in prizes. Prizes include a 5 year subscription to TOS (U.S. only), Scripture Sleuth literature series(my daughter has one of these that we bought for Christmas a couple of years ago... she and her brother both like them, and would like to read more!), guitar lessons on CD, and more! Hurry, they are just past customer #137,818.

The BIGGEST news of all--
The Schoolhouse Expo is coming in May!

Pre-register now and save $5!
  • As homeschool teachers, what do you need to learn?
  • More about teaching multiple grades?
  • All about different homeschool methods?
  • Transcripts?
  • Could you use some help with reading, language arts, math, and more?
  • Are you intimidated by the idea of teaching middle school and high school?
  • Those dreaded, advanced courses?
  • Would some encouraging words and motivational Scripture help you on your way?
Get answers when you attend The Schoolhouse Expo, an 3-day, online conference, presented by The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine and The Old Schoolhouse® Speaker's Bureau.

Pre-register today for only $19.99 through March 31.You do not want to miss this unbelievable, virtual homeschool convention! PLUS, you'll receive over $300 in free gifts when you register.
Get the details and preregister here

The speaker line-up looks most excellent! People like Mark Hamby, Amanda Bennett, Diana Waring (I've never heard her, but I like her books!), and Susan Wise Bauer, to name a few~ You can check the full line up here. (For those interested in the Workbox system, Sue Patrick is one of the speakers as well.)(Now, if only they included Steve and Jane Lambert, I would be ever so content! :) )

Even better you don't actually have to be "live" to get the benefits~ MP3 audios will be available for download, and listening at your convenience~ just like the CDs from the MassHOPE convention!
And check out the free gifts! (the ones pictured above are just a sampling) They are all ebooks and downloads, with many of them ones that I've been interested in checking out, so WOW! Awesome! (Well worth the $19 early bird registration! Oh, and there is another freebie ebook for registering early, the TOS Creative Nature Study E-Book) This is one that I already had, and what a good reminder to take it out and USE it! :) ... I think I'll put it on my itouch! There are so many great ideas in this book. (The New Testament Timeline is most excellent~ you can read how we used it with our Japanese Exchange student last summer, here I reviewed the entire "overview", but the Timeline was one of the most useful components for my purposes.)

One more "Extra" I just saw~ For those who register early, there are two bonus pre-conference sessions in April, one with Malia Russell (Who I am not familiar with), and the other with Clay and Sally Clarkson of Wholehearted Ministries.. I've never heard them speak, but I love their book "Educating the Wholehearted Child", so I'm excited about this one! :)

Check it out, and maybe I'll "See" you there as an attendee in a live workshop or two! :) (Let me know if you sign up, so I can look for you there! )