Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday

Ummmmm..... Have I mentioned that my little family pooled their funds and bought me an itouch for my birthday in November? It is one of the best little tools! (And if we were fans of AT&T, I'd *almost* (gasp) consider the cost of an iphone....well... then again, maybe not, but it could be tempting)

So anyway.... here is a little of What Works for Me this Wednesday....

I can read "out of print" books (ie... classics, among others) in "ebook" format.... my favorite app is Stanza, but did you know that the itouch/phone can also function as a Kindle? COOL!!!

I can carry multiple versions of the Bible in the palm of my hand(How awesome is that? I can even "highlight" in different colors!)

Did I mention that my kids LOVE to look up definitions on the dictionary that comes already installed? It used to be a chore to get them to use the dictionary... in part because most of the ones we had seldom had the words they were looking for! (Come on... the oldest is only in 7th grade.... this shouldn't be that difficult!)

And the maps app? It has been so cool at AWANA, when my little Sparkies get to their Missionary sections to pull out the itouch and zoom in to the country and city that their missionaries live and work in!
These are just some of my favorites on the first screen~ I'll save some for another Wednesday, but for now... this is what works for me!

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SquirrelQueen said...

It sounds like you are really enjoying the itouch. I love all the things my phone (not a iPhone) can do, isn't technology great.