Thursday, August 5, 2010

Busy summertime~ Cultural Exchange!

Fun Presents!Welcome!Hey~ have you all been wondering where I've been for awhile? Well, in addition to New England actually benefitting from real "Summery" weather (hence... outdoors, not inside at the computer...), we are once again hosting a Japanese exchange student.

This year we have a sweet 13 year old girl named Yukino, from the Yamaguchi province (Southwestern tip) of Japan. She is quiet and shy, but gets along well with my crew. So far Blokus, Dutch Blitz, Uno and drawing with colored pencils have been the most regular, DAILY, activities.

Getting Ready to competeWe were very busy her first week here~
  • Saturday was an Irish Step Dance Competition, and swimming at Bigga Bob's
  • Sunday was Church, and swimming at M's
  • Monday was a minor league baseball game (New Hampshire Fisher Cats... we'll do that again! What a venue!)
    Mini Golf (Rebecca got a home in 1 here!) Charles streetSwan Boats, 2010
  • Tuesday was Dadda's birthday, and Mini Golf
  • Wednesday we caught an outdoor concert in Newburyport
  • Thursday we went shell-hunting at Plum Island (And I scraped up my ankle but good on some barnacles... OUCH!)
  • Friday we went to Boston... Swan boats and the MFA (And you never know what you'll see on Charles St.... Spike Red Heels and Black Dresses on the Bridesmaids, who definitely had a job to do!)
  • Saturday was the Japanese Exchange Group Picnic in CT with Uncle Pappa's family~ great fun  (The Nerf Swords were new to me!) 
  • Sunday was church again, then home for family game night on Dadda's last day of vacation.

KEva/Kapla Plank TowersThis week has been much more mellow, with mostly home time, some "Window shopping" for presents to go back to Japan, and games, games, games. :)

How is YOUR Summer going?