Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Schooling week 3

Well, we are into our third week of school, and we still haven't had a "normal" week (ie, without interruption.. or is that actually "normal"??).

First week we had 1st day of school "Stuff" like pictures, new supplies and things to organize, plus a (forgotten.. oops) quick trip to the doctor for blood work before my physical.

Second week... well there was that physical that I mentioned from the week before, but that was the only major interruption.

This week we had a unicyle to return, a trip to the used clothing store, and the library book sale(All yesterday... Tuesdays are ending up being our "interruption" day!).

Now, I'm hoping for a reasonable rest of the week, except for the fact that we are taking Friday off to celebrate "Birthday # Eight!" before AWANA begins Friday night..... hmmm... maybe next week will be uniterrupted?

However, in spite of all this, we have managed to get all of our math, spelling done, we've finished Hind's Feet in High Places, and are going to start Wisdom With the Millers (As soon as I locate it in the stacks of books), and we've kept mostly on task with the rest of our studies.

Week 1... Helen Keller is our Beyond FIAR selection, Harold and the Purple Crayon was our FIAR selection.

Week 2... Continuing Helen Keller, and FIAR was Henry the Castaway.

Week 3... Helen Keller, and Andy and the Circus. This is timely, because Helen Keller has a Circus study, and we are hoping to go to Ringling Bros. Circus next week! We've been having fun working on Juggling (No success yet, but we're trying), and "Balancing" so far this week. Great fun!

The other thing that we've added to our "Schedule" this year is a regular walk around the neighborhood, observing the flowers, and animal life we happen to see, and the main thing has been checking out the trees. We have determined that European Beech Trees as well as Birch Trees, and Ginko Trees are our favorites. We also discovered two trees we didn't notice before.. the Eastern Catalpa, and the Tulip Tree. I am really enjoying this, and so are the kids!

Well, I'll finish this off for now. Hopefully I can keep it up, to some degree...